Computer Freezes

Any computer user knows how frustrating it is when a PC stops running in the middle of a complex application. If your laptop keeps freezing when you’re in class or in the field doing research, there’s not much you can do to salvage your notes. Computers sometimes freeze, but if a computer freezes on startup regularly, or if it freezes when multi-tasking, there’s probably something wrong. A computer could suffer permanent damage when it stops running abruptly.

In the past, a user would have to pack up the computer and take it in for a diagnostic checkup. Two hours later and $80 lighter, you may or may not have a working machine. has changed all that. Rather than running all over town with a frozen computer, run to our website for help. We can quickly diagnose the reason your computer freezes and take care of the problem with our recommended software. Our fixes will work for laptops, notebooks or desktop computers in a matter of minutes, not miles.

There are five main reasons your computer could bind up and stop running.

  1. Windows Registry is corrupted.
  2. The drivers are corrupt or outdated.
  3. Computer is infected with a virus or malware.
  4. Hard drive or file system errors.
  5. Computer is in a bad location.

Any one of these issues or a combination of them could be the reason a laptop keeps freezing. They can cause computers to freeze on startup or anytime. They can make it run like last year’s model. Luckily, has a solution for all these problems.

  • The Windows registry could become corrupted by a virus, Trojan horse or malware. Any of these nasty programs can be downloaded without realizing it. They can cause havoc on a machine, including freezes. The registry can also become corrupt if the computer gets hung up and crashes. In some cases, software may have been sending a message to the registry that became garbled and was recorded improperly. That bad command will remain in your registry until you clean it with a good registry cleaner. Use our free Online Troubleshooter to see if you may need to download and install a registry cleaner.
  • If a computers drivers are out-dated or corrupt, it can have internal conflicts that will cause errors and crashes. For instance, the soundcard may not react well to a new audio recording program. They might fight over control of the computer’s resources, especially when monitoring recording or during playback. Old drivers might not be forward-compatible with new versions of Windows, Java, Adobe or Flash. Driver software such as Driver Scanner by Uniblue can check and analyze the computer drivers to make certain they’re compatible with each other.
  • If a computer is infected with a virus or malware, you could be in for a real heartbreak. Viruses can record your keystrokes and report the data to a remote user so they can steal your private data. A virus can also change the autoexec.bat file and prevent your system from launching. Sometimes they erase data from the hard drive by writing and rewriting gibberish until your machine has no hard drive space left to use for virtual memory. Some forms of malware will use a computer to send out infected e-mail messages to everybody in a list of contacts. Your friends will not be pleased to receive an e-mail from you with a virus attached to it. Check out our guide on removing Viruses, Spyware and Malware.
  • If a computer freezes on startup, or anytime for that matter, the hard drive could become damaged. When those abrupt stops happen while the machine is writing to the hard drive, sectors can be permanently damaged. Bad sectors can result in two things–neither of which is good. They can cause a permanent loss of data, or they can make your software crash. Running a Windows Check Disk on the hard drive will find and fix any bad sectors that reside on the drive.
  • A computer might be freezing because it’s located in a bad place. Computers need a dry, cool home. Make sure all the fans are open and spinning. Have the dust blown out every few months to keep it from overheating. Don’t sit the computer in direct sunlight or leave your laptop in a hot car. If your computer seems to run hot, have another fan installed in it. They’re cheap and can really make a difference.

Whatever the reason, if your computer is freezing regularly, you need to address the problem. is standing by to help any way we can. Our software recommendations and tips will quickly ferret out the problem and restore your system to its glory days. It will run faster, handle your software more efficiently and will stop the freezing.

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