Computer Cleaning Software – Free Is Not Always The Best Option

Computer cleaning software is a controversial topic for people like myself who work in the computer industry. The reason for this is because so much of it that is advertised is just pure junk.

I am sure there has been a night when you can’t fall asleep and you decide there is nothing better to do than to watch TV. Low and behold there is an infomercial on about the best computer cleanup software in the world. It proceeds to tell you how it will make your computer %300 faster and make your computer run like new.

Most of this type of software focuses on keeping your computers registry cleaned out, deleting junk or temporary files, correcting active x errors among a host of other things. The end goal of this software is to speed your computer up, stop computer freezes and fix any weird errors your computer may have.

Computer Cleaning Software Is Often Times In-Effective At Its Primary Job

Let me be clear in stating that not all off this type if software is junk. There are a few programs that I have learn to trust over the years. These pieces of software have proven track records and have been around for a while.

As a word of advice, I would tend to stay away from free computer cleanup software. Especially when your talking about cleaning out your computer’s registry. Most free utilities or programs that do this tend to do more harm than good and should only be used by computer professionals. So if you see an advertisement for computer cleanup software free, that should signal a red flag.

Use A Computer Cleaning Software That Comes  From A Quality Recommendation

So what should a good computer clean up software actually do? Good computer cleaning software will always backup potential changes before actually changing them. It should also be updated frequently and also provide awesome customer support. There is nothing worse than purchasing a piece of software but not being able to get any support for that software.

In my opinion, users are often mislead when it comes to registry cleaners. Running a registry cleaner on your computer is not going to make it run like brand new again. There are many other factors that go into really making your computer run faster. However, cleaning out your computers registry will set your computer up for the best long term computer performance.

Some of the best computer cleanup software will combine several techniques that include cleaning your computer registry to optimizing your computers startup time.

There are two piece of software that I typically recommend for computer users who are looking for a great piece of software to help them get the most out of their computer over the long term.

These two pieces of software are:

  • RegistryBooster – This gets a 5-star rating from me. I think this is the best registry cleaner on the market today.
  • RegCure – This program is as close to a 5-start as it can be. Regcure has a long proven track record of being great, effective software.

I have personally used RegistryBooster and Regcure. These software programs are the best on market today when it comes to being very effective at optimizing computer performance and fixing computer problems.

I hope these tips help you out in some way. Keeping up with computers can be a tough job, but having the right tools and software in place is half the battle. Stay tuned for more really great advice on how I fix my computer.

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