Computer Won’t Boot Into Safe Mode – What Does The Computer Guy Do?

Updated: August 14, 2012

You have landed on this page because you have a computer that won’t boot into safe mode.

I am going to provide you a number of steps that will guide you thought exactly how to fix this problem. These are the steps that I have used over the years to fix this exact problem. These are steps a seasoned computer technician would do if you took your computer to them.

I encourage you to perform these steps in the order I have them unless you feel confident that one can be skipped.

What Is It And When To Use It?

Safe mode is a way of booting your computer up with only the minimal hardware and software resources being used. It is a great way to troubleshoot, test and diagnose more severe computer problems.

When used properly, booting a computer into safe mode can be used for:

  • removing viruses
  • uninstalling corrupt drivers
  • uninstalling a faulty program
  • running system tests

There are times when your computer will not boot up into safe mode. This usually indicates that you are dealing with a pretty severe computer problem.

Now that you have a good understanding, let’s get to the steps for fixing this problem. Be sure to test booting back into safe mode after each fix.

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