System Idle Freezes Computer – How To Fix It

You’re having a great day at the office. The computer system is humming along smoothly, coworkers are happy and productivity is high. You are entering information into a database. You move the mouse to a new icon and double-click to open it. Suddenly, the computer completely locks up. The cursor is frozen and typing commands yields no responses. The computer is completely disabled.

This scenario plays out in multitudinous forms across America and elsewhere. Computer freezes and crashes have direct and indirect costs. Time spent repairing computers means less time spent using them productively. Lost productivity results in lost profits. System idle freezes computer is a big problem. Knowing how and why freezes happen can prevent them from occurring and save time and money.

A Computer Can Sometime Freezes After Being Idle During A Virus Scan

What is so frustrating about computer freezes is that they seemingly happen with no rhyme or reason. There are many causes that can lead to a frozen computer. In a single case, multiple causes may be operative at once.

A common reason for a freeze is the computer has run out of available random access memory or RAM. This type of memory is like having extra scrap paper. The computer uses RAM as scrap paper to remember the calculations it is performing. When the computer uses too much RAM at once, the computer freezes. It literally runs out of “room” in which to calculate, so it locks up.

Another scenario is the computer freezes after being idle. Idling means the computer is not being used, but it is still on and running. This problem can result from too many background processes running at the same time. When the computer user attempts to use a program, the processes essentially cross-fire, and the computer freezes.

The System Idle Process Can Sometimes Cause Computer Freezes

In a Windows computer, the standby action to perform is to hit the keys Control, Alt and Delete, in that order. This brings up the Task Manager. Clicking the “Processes” tab reveals a list of all active running processes in the computer system. The process “System Idle Process” is not really a process. Its purpose is to keep the central processing unit busy when it has nothing else to do. It simply measures how much of the computer system is not being used.

System Idle Process freezes computer can sometimes happen. The good news is that this rarely has anything to do with the process itself. It cannot “do” anything; it is merely a placeholder. System Idle Process can become confused due to another component of the computer: the registry. A registry is like a master blueprint the computer uses as a map. It tells the computer where to find different files. It also lists every process, program and file in the system. A reputable registry cleaner can remove old items and make it easier for the computer to operate. Freezes are often caused by bad registries if nothing else.

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