What Makes A Computer Freeze Up In The Middle Of Something

If you are like most computer users in the world, then you have surely experienced that awful freezing up that happens right when you are in the middle of something important! It’s frustrating, a waste of time, and causes stress! Let’s be honest. More stress is the last thing we need at this point, right? So, what can you do about it? Can the freezing be prevented? The answer is yes it can, and it’s relatively easy to do so. Perform these routine computer maintenance procedures and you will be on your way to smooth sailing, or shall I say browsing, in no time!

First of all, let’s understand what can make a computer freeze up in the first place. There are several common things that can contribute to the problem. One is when your central processing unit (CPU) reaches 100%. The CPU is what controls everything that is running on your computer. You may have several programs running and not even know it. Press the Ctrl + Alt+ Del buttons to open your task manager. Next, go to the performance tab. This will show you your live CPU usage. As I write, mine is at 6%. Check yours out right now and see where you are at. It’s always a good idea to monitor what is running at any given time and close any unnessecary applications.

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Don’t close your task manager just yet. Under the same tab where you found your CPU usage you will see the stats for your memory usage. Maxing out how much memory you have available is also what causes a computer freezes up. This can happen when applications you are utilizing require a lot of memory. Games are a common culprit of major memory drainage. If you find that you are requiring more than your computer has available then consider upgrading to a unit with more RAM or you can purchase an external hard drive for more space.

Viruses are also known to be what makes a computer freeze up. These can invade your computer through suspicious websites and spam emails. The most vital component to preserving the health of your computer is to always run a quality virus protection program that includes anti-spyware and malware protection. Also take caution when clicking on links that you aren’t sure about. If you don’t know where it goes or if it looks suspect, leave it alone. If you get an email from a friend that seems suspicious, give them a call and ask if they really sent it before you follow any links.

Routine maintenance tasks should be done on your computer to prevent it from freezing. Perform a registry cleaning once a month with a dependable registry cleaner. Defragment your hard drive once a month as well. Your temporary files should be cleaned up daily, and it’s a good idea to delete cookies once a week. Performing these few simple tasks along with maintaining virus protection and installing all necessary Windows updates, you will browse happy once and for all!

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