Why Does My Computer Freeze? Find A Fix Here

A lot of people these days are asking themselves: “Why does my computer constantly freeze up? Why does my computer run slow and freeze?” This can be a very frustrating problem to have, so if you are one of those people, do not worry. Your computer is not ruined and there are many things that you can do to get your computer running again at the speeds that you desire — and to keep it from slowing down again in the future. This is something that has impacted everyone at one time or another; it is just a natural occurrence with a computer. You should not worry, then, about having a defective or broken computer. Instead, just consider a few of the following things that may be contributing to the problem.

How Full Is Your Hard Drive?
If you have a very full hard drive, it can cause your computer to run very slowly. This is just because there is so much information that the computer has to look through every time you want it to do something. A computer can only access so much memory at a time — this is what RAM is for — and so it will be slow if it has more to sift through. Think of this like trying to find one book in your bedroom verses trying to find it at a library with no organizational system. You can speed things up by removing files that you do not need, especially things like games, movies, photographs, and music. Store them on a backup drive or on discs instead.

Do You Have Spyware And Malware?
These are basically like very small viruses. You can get them off of the internet and then they run in the background any time that you are on your computer. You will most often not even see them running. They are still going, however, and you need to remove them with a spyware cleaner so that your computer can use all of its power to do the things that you are actually asking it to do. You then need to get a firewall to keep these things from coming back in the future.

Are You Multitasking?
While computers are supposed to be very good at multitasking — and some of them are — this will still slow the system down. If you have a lot of programs open at once, try closing some of the ones you are not using. This may help answer the question of why does my computer freeze.

When Was The Last Time You Ran A Defragmentation Program?
A defrag program will take all of the information on your hard drive, that is spread out all over the place, and put it closer together. Remember that the computer can only look through so much memory at once. If things are spread out, it takes the computer a long time and can make it lag.

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