Windows 7 Computer Freezes After Going Into Standby

Windows 7 is the latest version of the Microsoft Windows operating system and despite its features and improvements; there are still a number of issues. The software works better than Vista, but it does have a few flaws. One of the most common problems is that the computer freezes up after standby Windows 7.

Computer Freezes Up After Standby Windows 7

Computer Freezes in StandbyWhat is standby mode?

The standby mode is supposed to be a low powered state of the computer that will temporarily store data and allow you to resume the computer right away. The computer is still on, it is still using the power source and everything is functional. The data is not saved on the hard drive, so if the computer loses power or shuts down in this state, then it will lose all of the unsaved data. It is slightly different from the hibernation mode because it does not completely power down the computer and all of the data is not saved on the hard drive. Standby mode is best when used when you are a few steps away from the computer, but it is not good if you will be away for hours.

Common standby problems

A lot of users of Windows 7 complain that their computer freezes after going into standby. The computer will seem like it is working find and then once it goes into standby and they return to the computer it will become unresponsive. Unfortunately, once the computer is unresponsive there is little that can be done other than to restart the computer, which can cause you to lose data. This is a common problem and there is no official solution or fix from Microsoft, but there are a few solutions that you can use to help resolve the issue.

Solutions to standby problems

When your computer freezes up after standby Windows 7 will become unresponsive and there will be little that you can do at that point. Your only recourse is to turn off the computer and then try to implement some different solutions. The solution to your standby problems actually depends on the cause of the problem, which could be a recently installed program, the registry, or some other issue altogether. Some believe that Windows system standby freezes are caused by a glitch in the software that will have to be resolved by a Windows update. Here are some of the solutions that may resolve your standby problems.

- Turn off the standby feature – You can always go to the control panel and turn off the standby feature if it is causing you to have a lot of problems. Once you have turned off the standby feature, you will still be able to use other settings to power down the computer when you are not using it. Some good alternatives are hibernation, sleep, or shut down as long as you have already saved your data.

- Use a registry cleaner - A registry cleaner can be a useful tool that can resolve this particular issue and improve the overall health of your computer. The Windows registry is a database that saves numerous settings and data about the current state of the computer and the software. Almost every program or software you used on your computer was noted in your database and much of that information will remain long after the data was supposed to deleted or uninstalled from your computer.

The Windows registry can get filled with useless information that will cause your computer to slow down and malfunction in some cases. It is never recommended that you actually go into your registry and remove files on your own because it can ruin your system if you do not know what you are doing.

The best course of action is to purchase a reputable registry cleaner. A registry cleaner will remove the unnecessary data and help your computer speed up and function properly. Sometimes using a good registry cleaner can resolve an issue with the standby mode, so it is definitely something to consider. Make sure that you find a reputable registry cleaner because some of these types of programs can be spyware. Check the company before you decide to download and install their software.

- Get all of the appropriate Windows updates - Microsoft regularly releases updates for all of their most recent software like Windows 7. Although you have the option of shutting off the updates or declining to receive certain ones, it is recommended that you update them anyway. If you do not have all of the appropriate Windows updates, then it could actually cause your system to malfunction. This is not always the case, but it is better to err on the side of caution and update your system as soon as the updates become available.

- Look at the recently installed programs – Sometimes certain programs can cause your computer to freeze up and start having problems. It is not necessary to uninstall all of your most recently installed programs, but you should take note if you start having a lot of problems right after you install a certain program. If you do notice a lot of Windows system standby freezes right after you have installed a particular program, then uninstalling it may resolve the issue.

Computer freezes after going into standby are common in Windows 7. Many speculate that Microsoft will release an update to resolve the issue, but you can still implement some of these solutions to fix the problem for yourself.

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