Wireless Internet Freezes My Computer – Tips To Help You Fix This Computer Problem

Having wireless internet in your house is more a reality rather than just a pipe dream today. It seems that just about every installation of high-speed internet comes with some sort of wireless router and every new computer has built-in wireless capabilities.

Some of the big players in the wireless industry are Linksys, D-Link and NetGear. Most manufacturers are making wireless routers that support IEEE 802.11n. This basically means these units have some pretty wicked wireless speeds.

One of the big problems that people have been asking me to fix lately is why the wireless internet freezes my computer? There really are several factors that could go into diagnosing this problem and figuring out exactly what may be causing your PC to freeze.

The follow are some quick tips and troubleshooting steps you should look at if you are having this problem.

Drivers up to date: The first thing I would check is to see if the drivers I had installed for the wireless network card were the latest version released by the manufacturer. This really wouldn’t be an issue if you had a nifty program such as Uniblue’s Driver Checker to do this for you. Very nice tool to use.

Make/Model and Internal/External: If your wireless card is an internal card attached to the motherboard, then you are a bit restricted in what you can try. I would first check to make sure the card supports the speed (B, G or N) at which your wireless router is transferring. I have seen a lot of wireless cards that just don’t work with certain models of wireless routers. If you have an external card that hooks up either by a slot in the motherboard or via USB, then you have a bit more flexibility. Important Tip: If your going out to buy a wireless router and some wireless adapters for your computers, try to get the same brand for everything. Meaning, if you buy a Linksys router, then try to buy Linksys wireless adapters. You will have a lot less issues in the end.

Test the adapter: When trying to fix an issue such as why the wireless internet freezes my computer, you can spend a ton of time just wasting time. Some key things to think about that will really help speed up troubleshooting times are:

  • Do you have more than one computer? If so, is the wireless working for all of them? If not, then you may be looking and an issue with your wireless router.
  • If you have more than one computer, then you could take the card that isn’t working and test it in a computer that you know has wireless access already. This could eliminate either the wireless card or the computer as being the issue.


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